Dino Dig Cake

This is a simple chocolate dinosaur themed cake I made for a friends birthday. It was easy and quick to make and great for a last minute cake.

I quickly made a chocolate sponge mixture, put it in a lined rectangular tin and whacked it in the oven.
Whilst the cake was cooking I found some left over white icing and moulded a dinosaur skeleton.

Once the cake had cooled, I turned it out onto a cake board and covered completely with chocolate buttercream. I then placed the skeleton carefully on top and made a few "rocks" by painting brown/black food colouring onto some pebble shaped icing. 

I finally sprinkled with cocoa powder to add effect and the cake was complete!

If dinos are not your thing you could also try making a insect themed cake. Instead of the dinosaur bones you could buy a packet of jelly worms and place them all over the cake so it looks like mud and worms!